Mission & Vision

At Miss Withania, we want to improve women’s lives in all ways possible.

Our mission and vision is to use nature and our business to aid women throughout the world. We are determined to keep working on finding solutions to the most common problems that women face. More than that, we are committed to do as much as we can to empower women and improve their lives. This is why, at Miss Withania, we hire only women, be it as employees or outsourced contractors. In all cases, we favour the hiring of single moms, since we know that it is especially hard for them in today’s society.

We want women to let fo of old believes and emotions that advertising and society have been putting into our heads for decades. We firmly believe that every woman has a Goddess inside of her.

We want to spread awareness on what an importance nature plays in our lives and help create a balance between our hectic lives and being in harmony with nature and our inner selves.

We believe in kindness, love, peace and forgiveness.