About Us

Our Story

Miss Withania is the story of a woman who was determined to use her knowledge of herbs and nature to help her get what she wanted most: a baby.

When she was told she had a severe case of polycystic ovary syndrome and would most likely never have children, her world crumbled.

Having children is something one never thinks about during one’s youth and something you just take for granted. You just believe it will happen, whenever you want it to happen.

Sadly enough, for many women this believe shatters and they find themselves trying without any success. This was her case.

Having studied about herbs and their use for medicinal purposes many years before, she decided to use this knowledge to create a mixture that would improve her chances of getting pregnant. She decided to use all herbs known to improve fertility and create the perfect fertility tea. Since she was geared towards that one goal and it was only for personal use, she concentrated exclusively on that purpose, ignoring what the tea would taste like. She was determined to make it work, putting so much effort and hours, that she finally succeeded. After 2 months of drinking the tea regularly, exercising and clean eating, Natalie got pregnant. She is now mother of two beautiful boys. Now, she wants to share her discovery with other women going through her situation. This is how the Babymaker Tea came to live, creating the Miss Withania shop.

In time, she is using her knowledge of nature to create other products that will help the modern woman.

What is Miss Withania in the founder’s own words:

“I got the idea of helping others with herbs many years before I was told I could not get pregnant. It was 2012 and I fell into a huge depression that got me living in my mum’s house for a year. I have never liked pills and, to be honest, they didn’t help much either, so I decided to find my own way out of the depression. And so I began to read, to change my lifestyle and to study and research natural ways of healing. One of my miracle herbs was ashwagandha powder, also known as Withania Somnifera. This is how the idea of this shop came to life originally and where its name comes from. My first idea was to offer natural ways to deal with depression. However, the universe works in mysterious ways and the project did not move forward until many years later, when I was told I would probably never be able to conceive. I had already many years of research and study behind me and I knew I could get pregnant, if I used nature in my favour. I am sure the reasons I finally got pregnant was a mix of many things: my tea, but also my determination and the change of lifestyle. It didn’t take long for it to work and I decided it was my duty to make this available to all the women out there. Even more so, I would like Miss Withania to be a business that helps and empowers women. This is why, amongst others, we are committed to hire women, especially single moms”

Mission & Vision

At Miss Withania, we want to improve women’s lives in all ways possible.

Our mission and vision is to use nature and our business to aid women throughout the world. We are determined to keep working on finding solutions to the most common problems that women face. More than that, we are committed to do as much as we can to empower women and improve their lives. This is why, at Miss Withania, we hire only women, be it as employees or outsourced contractors. In all cases, we favour the hiring of single moms, since we know that it is especially hard for them in today’s society.

We want to help women get rid of old believes and emotions that advertising and society have been putting into our minds. 

We want to spread awareness on what an importance nature plays in our lives and help create a balance between our hectic lives and being in harmony with nature and our inner selves.

We believe in kindness, love, peace and forgiveness.