The Power of Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds. So small and yet so powerful, that they have become one of our favorites (then again, we have plenty of seeds as favorites!).
They are so rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrients, that they are a great food source to help improve fertility. Even more, they proof to be also great once you’re pregnant, taking care of you and your baby!

The great part of sunflower seeds is that they can be combined with anything. They go really well with salads, but also with muesli for breakfast. They can also be eaten by themselves, as a substitute to popcorn or similar when watching TV. But make sure you buy high quality, organic sunflower seeds!

Sunflowers seeds improve fertility

We talked in our post with 19 tips to improve fertility about the importance of  both vitamin E and vitamin B6. Well, sunflower seeds have a good amount of vitamin E (22mg for every 100g of seeds), which helps with the formation of both sperm and eggs. And they also have vitamin B6, which is highly important to improve fertility in women. So, if you are trying to get pregnant, we recommend adding this wonderful seeds into your daily meals.

Sunflower seeds are great during pregnancy

Especially while pregnant, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are essential for both the mother and the baby. Because sunflower seeds contain so many valuable nutrients, they should be part of every pregnant woman’s diet.

The large amount of vitamin and zinc in sunflowers seeds help with the baby’s and the placenta’s growth. They also make sure the fetus stays free of toxins.
The vitamin E also helps in delivering enough oxygen to the baby.

Last, but not least, these seeds also contain folic acid, which is one of the main nutrients every pregnant woman should take and which helps with the development of red blood cells in the organism.

Of course, the benefits of sunflower seeds go beyond helping with fertility or pregnancy:

Sunflower seeds benefit the appearance of breasts

Would you like your breasts to look a bit fuller? One of the components to make breasts look a bit bigger is estrogen. The amount of estrogen in the body can be incremented by eating phytoestrogens. Guess what food has large amounts of phytoestrogens? You guessed right, it’s sunflower seeds!

Sunflower seeds to lower cholesterol levels

With their high content in fiber, sunflower seeds proof to be of great help to lower cholesterol levels. They also improve blood circulation, which help us avoid heart issues like heart attacks, for example.

Sunflower seeds keep you young and cancer free

Sunflower seeds carry a large amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants help prevent cancer and also fight aging. They also help detoxify the body.
Sunflower seeds also make your skin look better.

Great for those trying to lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight, you may want to include sunflowers seeds in your diet. Not only help you detox the body, they also improve the digestive tract and, most importantly, give you the sense of being full. By adding sunflower seeds to your diet, the sensation of fullness will prevent you from eating too much.

Sunflower seeds give energy to your body and mind

Wether you are planning to do a lot of sport of you have a long work or study day ahead of you, sunflower seeds are your best ally.
Their nutrients feed your body and your brain with good energy to make you last all day long.

Although sunflower seeds have a great amount of unsaturated fats, vitamins and minerals, it is important to eat them in moderation. Too much of them can also have a negative impact.
The recommended amount of sunflower seeds is 30 grams per day.













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