Lunaception to improve fertility (and feminine wellbeing)

In ancient cultures, the female body resonated with the moon. This meant, a woman would bleed during the new moon and be fertile during the full moon.
Today, we are out of sync with nature and women’s cycles tend to be irregular and independent from the moon’s phases.

What is Lunaception?

Lunaception basically means balancing your hormones and getting in sync with the moon by controlling the light in your bedroom. By doing this, it is also believed that fertility can be improved, amongst others.

Although this might all sound kind of mystic, many doctors and experts have researched this. It was a Czech doctor, Dr. Eugene Jonas, who began his theory of the moon’s phases and conception. This is why it is also known as the Jonas Method. Creating this cycle, it is possible to avoid pregnancies or to improve fertility and increase chances of getting pregnant.

Why is light important?

Light is important, because most part of hormone production is done at night. The light in your bedroom signals your body which specific hormones need to be released. Back in history, this was done by the light of the moon. The huge amount of light of the full moon, signaled women’s bodies to ovulate. But in today’s society, where we have lights on 24 hours a day, this signals get distorted.

How to start Lunaception

In order to balance your cycle with the moon’s, you will need to imitate the moon’s light in your bedroom. This means, you need to sleep in complete darkness every new moon. The more darkness, the better, so you can cover up anything that has artificial light: clocks, windows…

A few days before full moon, allow some light into your room. Ideally, you live in a place in which the moon’s light can come in through your window, without other types of artificial lights coming through. If not, use a very white yet dim night light.

Once the full moon is over, get back to sleeping into total darkness.

Keep doing this until your cycle begins to adjust to the moon. You can find a moon calendar anywhere online.

Once your cycle starts to sync, you can use the moon as a guide to your conception. This means, you can use every full moon night to have intercourse.

By the way, sleeping in complete darkness and following the moon’s cycle also improves lactation if you are breastfeeding!

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