How to start meditating

Meditation has proven to be one of the best practices anyone can incorporate into their daily lives. It’s benefits are countless, from stress reduction, to better focus, increased happiness or help with anxiety or depression. Meditation helps improve your life, your relationship with yourself and others, your sleep and many other aspects of your life. Meditation is even a good place to start if you have been battling with infertility, since it helps you reduce your stress during this time and lets your body relax.

Meditation is for everyone and we guarantee, once you get the hang of it, it will improve your life. So try it now!

Meditation for beginners

Meditation is an exercise for the mind. Just like with other types of exercise, it is better to start slow. The important thing is to exercise every day. Having said that:

  • Choose a place in your home where you feel comfortable. Wether it is a chair, a couch, a cushion or the floor, that is your choice. The important thing is that you feel comfortable. You should sit upright, so that you do not fall asleep, but comfortable, so that you can focus just on meditating.

  • Start with just 2 minutes of meditation. Do only 2 minutes for the first week. Then go up to 5 minutes the second week. Keep making your meditation sessions longer, until you reach the desired time. Usually, daily meditation of 20 minutes should be enough, although we always recommend 30. The important thing is that it feels right for you and that you keep doing it every day.

  • Now that you have set the timer and are sitting upright and comfortable in your special “meditation place”, close your eyes and count your breath. Try to focus only on your breath. Count “one”, when you inhale and “two” when you exhale. Notice how the air goes in and out of your body.

  • At some point your mind will wander. And that is totally fine! Do not criticize or judge yourself when that happens. Just take that though, be aware of it, let it go and keep counting your breath. In fact, noticing that your mind has wandered off is a sign that you are doing it right. That is the whole point. Noticing what your mind is doing right now!

There is nothing more to it. Just keep doing this, until it feels better. The important thing is that you keep doing it every day.
Early in the morning would be the best time, but choose the time that suits you the most. After meditation has become a daily and regular part of your life, you will suddenly notice that you feel better, calmer and happier. Keep doing it, the world will be a much better place!

Meditation Apps

Of course you can always get help from meditation apps. Most of them offer guided meditations. That makes it much easier, since you only have to follow instructions, but we still recommend meditation just with the timer whenever possible.

We are great fans of the Insight Timer app. It is free and there are a lot of practices you can use in different languages.

Other paid apps that are popular for meditation are Calm and Headspace.


Let us know how it goes!

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